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Threesome Advice with Wife’s Male Co-worker

By admin

When it comes to threesome advice with your wife’s male co worker you will need to make sure that you know how to go about this. It can end up being very awkward and uncomfortable for everybody involved, especially your wife if the man is not interested or if the situation is approached the wrong way. Make sure that you and your wife can come together and understand how to go about this.

Asking Him

Before you even consider asking him you should allow your wife to feel him out first. Let her flirt with him and see if he is interested in her. If he is, then you can both invite him out to dinner. See if he seems interested in the both of you or if it is just her that he wants to have any relations with. Make sure that you approach the subject carefully, it is usually best if your wife does it as she has more of a relationship with this man than you do and it will sound better coming from her.

Making Rules

In the act of doing this it is a good idea to decide beforehand if there will be any ground rules. Things such as kissing and oral may be off limits or that may be all that they are allowed to do with each other. You will need to sit down with your wife and come up with a plan and let him in on it before you all begin. As long as you are all adults about it, then it should not be an issue.