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Complications When Sleeping With an Employee

By admin

Sleeping with an employee can be exciting, but it also comes with certain risks. If you are interested in dating an employee you should consider the potential consequences before you decide to jump in to anything. Here are a couple things to think about first.

Being the Boss

If you are in a position of authority things can become messy if you start sleeping with a subordinate. If you need to discuss anything that is sensitive in nature, like retraining or write ups, it can come across as a personal attack. You may not be as willing to pull them aside if there is a job related issue. Other employees may notice this and start to resent you and the other employee. Even if you haven’t told anyone, you can easily create a hostile work environment just based on your reactions and body language.

Company Policies

Many companies and organizations have specific rules in place that disallow coworkers from dating. If you are caught dating, breaking one of these regulations may risk you losing your job. Some companies will allow dating, but will require that anyone you are dating not report to you. This means you may need to transfer to another department within the company or ask them to transfer. Since this isn’t always an ideal solution, you may want to reconsider dating an employee. Transferring can be a nightmare, and can often involve a pay decrease or different work hours, which no one wants.