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Role Playing Secretary Sex

By admin

Role playing is a great way to spice up your sex life without getting too kinky. Many people fantasize about having sex with their secretary, so instead of straying to try this why not create an erotic fantasy with your partner. It’s a simple fantasy to play out and won’t hurt the relationship in any way. It requires very few props, and clothing that you can find in your closet. Here’s how you can set up the scenario.


If you have a home office this will be easy to pull off. Even if you don’t, most people have a desk in their home somewhere. Set up a phone, some papers, and maybe a few books on the desk. If you already have a home office set up, just clean up around the area. You may want to rearrange the room a little to give it a different feel from the everyday.

Outfits and Set Up

Have the woman wear either a business suit with a skirt, or a nice professional looking outfit. If the blouse buttons and the skirt are short, this will add to the fantasy. Heels are a nice touch too. The man can wear a suit or a button collar shirt and a pair of slacks. From here you simply greet the man as he walks in as if he were your boss. This can either be a surprise, or you can pre-plan some of the role playing. It may feel silly at first, but as you keep going it will be fun and exciting.